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New Year and Christmas excursions and entertainments

Excursion: «The Gold ring of Carpathians».

Route: Beregomet – Kosiv -  Kolomyya - Yaremche – Vorokhta – Beregomet

During an excursion the participants of round will be able to visit a famous Market of guzul applied art, to see an unique  museum of «Pysankа», to walk on the famous suspended bridge above the waterfall of «Probiy» in tourist centre - Yaremche, to rich the mountains by lift in Vorokhta which called «the capital of winter sporting games», and also be surprised by beautiful sightseeing of a winter landscapes during all way.

Cost: 350 UAH (the minimum group is  6 persons).

Note: Dinner is foreseen  in Yaremche  for an additional pay.

Periodicity: Saturday. Under a query is any date.

 Excursion «Chernivtsi is a little Paris».

Route: Beregomet - Chernovcy – Beregomet.

Every day, overcoming 126 stages of tower of city  hall, a bugler rises  upstairs in the Bukovinian folk clothes. And at midday, exactly in 12, from the balcony of town hall he wins on a furnace the melody of «Marichka» on all four sides of noble city which is called Chernivtsy.

Cost: 80 UAH (the minimum group is  6 persons).

Periodicity: each Sunday. Under a query is any date.

Excursion: Vyzhnytsya – the art center of Bukovina.

Route: Beregomet – Vyzhnytsya - Vashkivtsy – Zeleniv.

During excursion participants of round will get acquainted with authentic products of applied work in the Museum of applied art, as well as to visit Sacred Religious Anna's female monastery named in honor of the legendary girl Anna which was saved from the Turks in the mountain bowels. The note: additionally possibility to visit the Museum of Native Land which totals more than 1000 exhibits of flora and fauna – scarecrows of animals, birds and fishes. The possibility to be photographed with scarecrows of a wild bear, fox, deer etc.

Cost:  150 UAH. ( the minimal group - 6 person).

Periodicity: Thursday. Under inquiry is any date.

Excursion: Ski resort “Bukovel” – ski adventures.

Route: Beregomet –Bukovel - Beregomet.

Skiing, snowboards, snow motorcycles! You cannot resist from this magnificence view to the winter rezort. The spirit of the mountain skier will wake up here!!!

Cost: 350 UAH. (the minimal group - 6 person).

Periodicity: Wednesday. Under inquiry is any date.

Excursion by foot: « Ascention on mountain Stizhok » with shish kebab on a snow hills.

Route: Beregomet.

That it is better and more useful, than fresh mountain air, a crunch of a snow coverlet under legs and ruddy shish kebab with a glass of warming mulled wine at top of the subdued mountain. You are waited with fragrant slices of black bread, smoked bacon, house dainties and good mood.

Cost: 350 UAH. (the minimal group - 6 person).

The note: for participation in round it is necessary to have footwear with a high sole, warm clothes, a cap, gloves.

Periodicity: every Tuesday. Under inquiry – any date.

Excursion by automobile: « Conquest of mountain Megura on transport of high passableness ».

Route: Beregomet – Pass Shurdensky – Beregomet.

Participants of round are offered to rise uphill on height in 1313 on an extreme route. Forget about everything! Full dismissal from terrestrial problems! Just the mountains below you and the sky above you. Your appetite will satisfy a nourishing dinner in the ecological house from a tree, prepared on ancient traditions.

Cost: 150 UAH. ( the minimal group - 6 person).

Periodicity: every Monday. Under inquiry – any date.

Excursion: « Sacred Nikolay's Manor ».

Route: Beregomet  - Коsiv - Beregomet .

During this tour deep in you heart a small child will wake up, you will  want to believe in a children's fairy tale, in fact to meet with the children's sacred  in Carpathians  is possible not to everyone. His manor situated in a mountain environment, on a glade with figures of fantastic heroes. Its lodge is decorated by carved elements in huzul style.

After excursion we offer to visit a private trout ferm with a tasty dinner: freshly prepared mountain trout, Ukrainian “polenta” with a creamy -mushroom sauce and light salad.

Periodicity:   each Tuesday. Under inquiry – any date.

Cost: 150 UAH. ( the minimal group - 6 person).

Excursion to mounting - skiing resort “Mygovo”.

Route: Beregomet – “Mygovo” – Beregomet.

During excursion you can go skiing, skating, snowboarding as well as to visit Russian “banya” and to be expiated in a mountain font. Big territory of the resort has developed infrastructure with a restaurants, “kolyba” and snack bars where it is possible to try national dishes, the Armenian and Georgian kitchen.

Cost: from 20 UAH. (the minimal group - 6 person).

Periodicity: every day. Under inquiry –  at any time.

The evening ethno cultural program: « Huzul vechornytsi» in a picturesque hall of restaurant " Stizhok " with entertainments.

Route:  Restaurant  " Stizhok " Beregomet.

Original Hutsylian culture is famous by the songs and dances, ancient ceremonies and traditions. In the program of evening all guests will be presented to try colorful suits, to participate in incendiary dances and competitions, to relax in ethnic way.

Cost: 150 UAH. ( the minimal group - 15 person).

Periodicity: every Friday. Under inquiry –  in any date.


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